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DoozyUI is a complete User Interface (UI) management system for Unity. It does that by manipulating native Unity components and taking full advantage of their intended usage.

This approach assures maximum compatibility with uGUI, best performance and makes the entire system behave in a predictable manner.

Also, by working only with native components, the system will be compatible with any other asset that uses uGUI correctly.

Easy to use and understand, given the user has some basic knowledge of how Unity?s native UI solution (uGUI) works, DoozyUI has flexible components that can be configured in a lot of ways. Functionality and design go hand in hand in order to offer a pleasant User Experience (UX) while using the system.

Managing UIs since 2015

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Soundy is a complex sound management system that works side by side with DoozyUI.

It can play sounds from one of its sound databases, or directly by using AudioClip references, or through MasterAudio (a third-party plugin).

Nody is a node graph engine built around modular node components which can be connected to form Graphs.

Being an important part of DoozyUI ? Complete UI Management System for Unity, Nody was specifically designed to help create, visualize and manage UI navigation flows.

Touchy is a touch detection system that comes with DoozyUI.

Captures touches (and clicks) from Unity’s native Input solution and passes it the system with a few extra bits of info.

Native Design

Seamless integration into the Unity Editor

Design once, deploy anywhere

Thanks to the industry-leading multiplatform support Unity provides, you can design your UI once and deploy at a click across all major mobile, VR, desktop, console, and TV platforms plus the Web.

  • Lots of excellent features, freed up a lot of time to code the game logic rather than deal with UI code.
  • An amazing asset with videos available for every feature.
  • Not only they provided a great UI asset they also made great video tutorials.
  • Easy and perfect to do a nice UI game
  • Can get up and running in minutes. This is becoming a must in every project for me!
  • Takes the pain out of having dozens of panels and the endless navigation between them
  • Really amazing, lets you create UI in matter of minutes
  • Perfect asset, extremely fast support, well documented

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