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The UIDrawer Listener implements a microphone-like device, that interprets UIDrawer UIDrawerBehaviorType. When triggered it executes a set of callbacks.
See Also: UIDrawer

Component Details

  • Manual ? Link to the manual page for this component

  • YouTube?? Link to the quick video tutorial for this component

  • Debug Mode – Enables relevant debug messages to be printed to the console

  • Listen for all UIDrawers – If enabled, this listener’s events will get invoked every time an UIDrawer is activated

  • Trigger Action – The action that an UIDrawer performs in order for this listener’s events to get executed

  • Drawer Name – The UIDrawer Drawer Name filter that will invoke this listener’s events

  • Custom Name – Allows you to type a custom drawer name instead of selecting it from the database

  • EventUIDrawerEvent executed when this listener has been triggered