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The UICanvas is a core component in the DoozyUI system. It is used to identify GameObjects with root Canvas components attached to instantiate UIPopups, at runtime, and to parent other UI components under them, in the Editor.

Component Details

  • Settings – Opens the Control Panel at the Settings tab

  • Manual ? Link to the manual page for this component

  • YouTube?? Link to the quick video tutorial for this component

  • Debug Mode – Enables relevant debug messages to be printed to the console

  • Don’t destroy GameObject on scene change – Makes the GameObject, that this UICanvas component is attached to, not to get destroyed on load (when the scene changes)

  • Canvas Name – UICanvas canvas name

  • Custom Name – Allows you to type a custom canvas name instead of selecting it from the database

  • Rename GameObject – Renames the UICanvas GameObject to a predefined name

  • Open Database – Opens the Control Panel at the Canvases tab