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Nody is a node graph engine built around modular node components which can be connected to form Graphs. Being an important part of DoozyUI ? Complete UI Management System for Unity, Nody was specifically designed to help create, visualize and manage UI navigation flows.

Typical node graphs are intended to be drawn (and work) from left to right or from top to bottom. An UI can flow in any direction and Nody was designed to accommodate that requirement. Each selected node shows its input and output connections in a visual way.

The node graph architecture implemented in Nody is robust and reliable enough to handle very complex UI flows to create deep UI interactions. Graph UI flows can be set up to work together or separately all together.

UI flow for a selected node
  • Yellow – Input Connections

  • Blue – Output Connections

Getting started

Open the Node Graph Editor from Tools > Control Panel > Nody

Select one of the available options

  • Create a new Graph
  • Create a new SubGraph
  • Load a Graph / SubGraph

Start designing by creating your first node!

TIP: Press ?N? to create a new UINode at your mouse pointer.


  • Center?(selected) – F

  • Context Menu – Right mouse button

  • Copy (selected) – CTRL + C

  • Create UINode – N

  • Delete (selected) – Delete

  • Delete MODE – Hold Alt down

  • Find Start/Enter node – S

  • Move – Hold Spacebar + left mouse button down, then drag

  • Move – Hold middle mouse button down, then drag

  • Overview – F (when nothing is selected)

  • Paste – CTRL + V

  • Redo – CTRL + Y

  • Select?- Hold left mouse button down, then drag

  • Undo – CTRL + Z

  • Zoom – Use the mouse scroll wheel

Delete MODE – Hold Alt down
Create and Connect an UINode
Scene Management