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class in Doozy.Engine.UI / Inherits from MonoBehaviour


The UIViewListener implements a microphone-like device, that interprets UIView UIViewBehaviorType.

When triggered it executes a set of callbacks and sends any defined game events.

Public Variables

  • public bool DebugMode – Enables relevant debug messages to be printed to the console

  • public UIViewEvent EventUnityEvent invoked when this listener has been triggered

  • public bool ListenForAllUIViews – If TRUE, this listener’s events will get invoked every time an UIView is activated

  • public UIViewBehaviorType TriggerAction – The action that an UIView performs in order for this listener’s events to get invoked

  • public string ViewCategory – The View Category filter that will invoke this listener’s events

  • public string ViewName – The View Name filter that will invoke this listener’s events