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class in Doozy.Engine.UI


The UIViewBehavior class contains settings and 'actions' used and triggered by the UIView when it changes its state.
See Also: UIView

Static Properties

  • public static string DefaultPresetCategory – Returns the default preset category name for an UIView

  • public static string DefaultPresetName – Returns the default preset name for an UIView


  • public bool HasAnimation – Returns TRUE if either UIAnimation Animation is enabled or LoadSelectedPresetAtRuntime is true

  • public bool HasAnimatorEvents – Returns TRUE if either OnStart UIAction or OnFinished UIAction have at least one AnimatorEvent in their AnimatorEvents list

  • public bool HasEffect – Returns TRUE if either OnStart UIAction Effect (UIEffect) or OnFinished UIAction Effect (UIEffect) have a target ParticleSystem referenced

  • public bool HasGameEvents – Returns TRUE if either OnStart UIAction or OnFinished UIAction have has at least one game event in their GameEvents list

  • public bool HasSound – Returns TRUE if either OnStart UIAction or OnFinished UIAction have valid sound settings

  • public bool HasUnityEvents – Returns TRUE if either OnStart UIAction Event (UnityEvent) or OnFinished UIAction Event (UnityEvent) have at least one registered persistent listener

Public Variables

  • public UIAnimation Animation – Animation settings

  • public bool AutoStartLoopAnimation – Automatically starts the loop animation without waiting for a show (in) animation to finish playing. Available only for the Loop behavior

  • public bool LoadSelectedPresetAtRuntime – Determines if the selected preset should override, at runtime, the current editor settings or not

  • public bool InstantAnimation – Determines if this animation should happen instantly (in zero seconds)

  • public UIAction OnFinished – Actions performed when the animations finished playing

  • public UIAction OnStart – Actions performed when the animations start playing

  • public string PresetCategory – Preset category name

  • public string PresetName – Preset name


  • public UIViewBehavior(AnimationType animationType) – Initializes a new instance of the class

Public Methods

  • public void LoadPreset() – Loads the selected preset settings

  • public void LoadPreset(string presetCategory, string presetName) – Loads the preset, with the passed category name and preset name, settings

  • public void Reset(AnimationType animationType) – Resets this instance to the default values