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struct in Doozy.Engine.UI


The UIImageData class holds all the settings of an UIImage component
See Also: UIImage

Public Variables

  • public float?BorderWidth – Converts the image into a border with a set width if greater than 0

  • public float?Feather – Also known as ‘soft edge’ value. Used to adjust harsh edges for graphics

  • public float Height – Rect height

  • public float PixelSize – Actual size of a pixel after having been adjusted by the pixel perfect rect

  • public Vector4 Radius – Radius values for each rect corner (starting upper-left, clockwise)

  • public float Width – Rect width


  • public UIImageData(float width, float height, Vector4 radius, float borderWidth, float feather, float pixelSize) – Initializes an UIImageData struct with the given settings