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class in Doozy.Engine.UI / Inherits from Image


Displays a Sprite for the UI System just like the Image component, but it has a few extra settings like corner radius (rounded corners), feather (soft edges) and border width (display as a border).
See Also: Image

Static Properties

  • public static Sprite?DefaultSprite – Default Sprite assigned to all UIImages if the sprite reference is null

  • public static Material?MaterialInstance – Default Material shared by all UIImages


  • public float?BorderWidth – Border width for the UIImage. Default value is 0 (no border)

  • public float Feather – Set the image feather (also known as ‘soft edges’). Used to adjust harsh edges for graphics by applying a blur effect.

  • public Vector4 Radius – Get the radius for all the 4 corners (starting upper-left, clockwise)

  • public RectTransform RectTransform – Reference to the RectTransform component

Public Methods

  • public void?Init() – Initialize the UIImage

  • public void UpdateRenderCanvasShaderChannels() – Add additional shader channel to the Canvas that renders this UIImage