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class in Doozy.Engine.UI / Inherits from UIContainer


The UIDrawerContainer is the actual component, of an UIDrawer, that gets animated and holds all of the UIDrawer's content.


  • public Vector2 Velocity – Returns the container’s current velocity = CurrentPosition – PreviousPosition

Public Variables

  • public Vector2 CalculatedSize – The UIDrawerContainer calculated size

  • public Vector3 ClosedPositionRectTransform.anchoredPosition3D when the drawer is closed

  • public Vector3 CurrentPositionRectTransform.anchoredPosition3D in the current frame

  • public bool FadeOut – If TRUE, when the UIDrawer closes, the container will fade out and, when the UIDrawer opens, the container will fade in

  • public float FixedSize – When UIDrawerContainerSize is set to FixedSize, the container will have a set fixed size

  • public float MinimumSize – When UIDrawerContainerSize is set to PercentageOfScreen, the container will have a set minimum size

  • public Vector3 OpenedPositionRectTransform.anchoredPosition3D when the drawer is open

  • public float PercentageOfScreen – When UIDrawerContainerSize is set to PercentageOfScreen, the container’s width and height will be calculated as percentage of the screen’s size

  • public Vector3 PreviousPositionRectTransform.anchoredPosition3D in the previous frame

  • public UIDrawerContainerSize Size – Determines the container’s size (FullScreen, PercentageOfScreen or FixedSize)


  • public UIDrawerContainer() – Initializes a new instance of the class

Public Methods

  • public override void Reset() – Resets this instance to the default values

Static Methods