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class in Doozy.Engine.UI.Animation


The UIAnimationsDatabase contains all of the UIAnimationDatabase references, of a given database type (AnimationType)

Public Variables


  • public Database(AnimationType animationType) – Initializes a new instance of the UIAnimations.Database class, of the given type (AnimationType)

Public Methods

  • public bool AddUIAnimationDatabase(UIAnimationDatabase database) – Adds a the given UIAnimationDatabase reference to the database. Returns TRUE if the operation was successful

  • public bool Contains(string databaseName) – Returns TRUE if the database name has been found in the database

  • public bool Contains(UIAnimationDatabase database) – Returns TRUE if the UIAnimationDatabase has been found in the database

  • public UIAnimationDatabase Get(string databaseName) – Iterates through the database to look for the database name. If found, returns a reference to the corresponding UIAnimationDatabase, else it returns null

  • public void Update() – Refreshes the entire database by removing null references, empty databases, adding the default presets database, renaming the preset databases file names to their database names, sorting the database and updating the database names list