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class in Doozy.Engine.UI.Animation


Base class for all animation settings


  • public bool Enabled – Returns TRUE if at least one animation type is enabled (Move, Rotate, Scale or Fade), false otherwise

  • public float StartDelay – Returns the minimum start delay set for the animation

  • public float TotalDuration – Returns the maximum duration (including start delay) of the animation

Public Variables

  • public AnimationType AnimationType – The animation type that determines the animation behavior

  • public Move Move – Move animation settings

  • public Rotate Rotate – Rotate animation settings

  • public Scale Scale – Scale animation settings

  • public Fade Fade – Fade animation settings


  • public UIAnimation(AnimationType animationType) – Initializes a new instance of the UIAnimation class

  • public UIAnimation(AnimationType animationType, Move move, Rotate rotate, Scale scale, Fade fade) : this(animationType) – Initializes a new instance of the UIAnimation class

Public Methods

  • public void Reset(AnimationType animationType) – Resets this instance to the default values

  • public UIAnimation Copy() – Returns a deep copy