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class in Doozy.Engine.Soundy / Inherits from MonoBehaviour


Dynamic sound pool manager for SoundyController

Static Properties

  • public static SoundyPooler Instance – Returns a reference to the SoundyPooler component that should be attached to the SoundyManager GameObject. If one does not exist, it gets added.


  • public bool AutoKillIdleControllers – Auto kill any SoundyControllers that are have been unused for the set idle kill duration

  • public float ControllerIdleKillDuration – The duration a SoundyController needs to be idle to be considered killable

  • public float IdleCheckInterval – Time interval to check for idle SoundyControllers, to kill them

  • public int MinimumNumberOfControllers – The minimum number of SoundyControllers that should be available in the pool, that will not get automatically killed even if they are killable

Static Methods