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class in Doozy.Engine.UI.Animation


Rotate animation settings


  • public float TotalDuration – Returns the maximum duration (including StartDelay) of the animation

Public Variables

  • public AnimationType AnimationType – The animation type that determines the behavior of this animation

  • public bool Enabled – Determines if this animation is enabled or not

  • public Vector3 From – Start value for the animation

  • public Vector3?To – End value for the animation

  • public Vector3?By – By value for the animation (used to perform relative changes to the current values or punch animations)

  • public bool UseCustomFromAndTo – Allows the usage of custom from and to values for the Rotate animation

  • public int Vibrato – The vibrato indicates how much will a punch animation will vibrate (used only by punch animations)

  • public float Elasticity – The elasticity represents how much (0 to 1) the vector will go beyond the starting rotation when bouncing backwards after a punch 1 creates a full oscillation between the punch direction and the opposite direction, while 0 oscillates only between the punch and the start rotation (used only by punch animations)

  • public int NumberOfLoops – The number of loops this animation performs until it stops. If set to -1 it will perform infinite loops (used only by loop animations)

  • public LoopType LoopType – The loop type (used only by loop animations)

  • public RotateMode RotateMode – Rotation mode used with DORotate methods

  • public EaseType EaseType – Determines if the animation should use an Ease or an AnimationCurve in order to calculate the rate of change over time

  • public Ease Ease – Sets the ease of the tween. Easing functions specify the rate of change of a parameter over time. To see how default ease curves look, check out easings.net. Enabled only if EaseType is set to EaseType.Ease

  • public AnimationCurve AnimationCurveAnimationCurve used to calculate the rate of change of the animation over time. Enabled only if EaseType is set to EaseType.AnimationCurve

  • public float StartDelay – Start delay duration for the animation

  • public float Duration – Length of time for the animation (does not include the StartDelay)


Public Methods

  • public void Reset(AnimationType animationType) – Resets this instance to the default values

  • public Rotate Copy() – Returns a deep copy