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class in Doozy.Engine.Progress / Inherits from ProgressTarget


The ProgressTargetAudioMixer class is used by a Progressor to update an exposed parameter value of an AudioMixer

Public Variables

  • public string?ExposedParameterName – Name of exposed parameter in the target AudioMixer

  • public AudioMixer?TargetMixer – Target AudioMixer

  • public bool UseLogarithmicConversion– Lower the sensitivity of the slider by using a logarithmic conversion. Should be TRUE if, for example, setting the volume level (the attenuation) for a AudioMixerGroup. If TRUE the progressor.Progress value will be used (converted to its logarithmic value), if FALSE progressor.Value value will be used (as is).

Public Methods

  • public void UpdateTarget(Progressor progressor) – Method used by a Progressor to update the target exposed parameter when the current Value has changed