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class in Doozy.Engine.UI.Base / Inherits from: MonoBehaviour


The NamesCategory class contains a list of names that belong to a category.
The NamesDatabase uses this class as a data container for each of its categories.
See Also: NamesDatabase

Public Variables

  • public string CategoryName – The name of this category

  • public List<string> Names – The list of names this category has


  • public NamesCategory(NamesCategory source) – Creates a new instance and populates it with a copy of the data contained in the source

  • public NamesCategory(string categoryName) – Creates a new instance with the given category name

  • public NamesCategory(string categoryName, List<string> items) – Creates a new instance with the given category name and list of names (items)

Public Methods

  • public void Add(string item) – Adds a name (item) to the database

  • public void Remove(string item) – Removes a name (item) from the database