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class in Doozy.Engine.Nody / Inherits from MonoBehaviour


The GraphController is a core component of Nody, the node graph engine module of DoozyUI. It contains all the logic needed to manage a Nody Graph model.
See Also: Graph, Node

Static Properties

  • public static readonly List Database – Database used to keep track of all the GraphControllers


  • public Graph Graph – Reference to the Graph managed by this controller

  • public Graph GraphModel – Reference to the Graph model managed by this controller

  • public bool Initialized – Returns TRUE if this controller has been initialized

Public Variables

  • public bool DebugMode – Enables relevant debug messages to be printed to the console

  • public string ControllerName – The name of this GraphController (useful if you need to find it in the Database)

  • public bool DontDestroyControllerOnLoad – Makes the GameObject, that this GraphController component is attached to, not to get destroyed on load (when the scene changes)


  • public GraphController() – Creates a new instance for this class

Public Methods

  • public void GoToNode(Node node) – Activates the passed Node if it belongs to the Graph

  • public void GoToNodeByName(string nodeName) – Activates the first Node, found inside the Graph, with the given node name (if it exists)

  • public void GoToNodeById(string nodeId) – Activates the Node, found inside the Graph, with the given node id (if it exists)

Static Methods

  • public static GraphController AddToScene(bool selectGameObjectAfterCreation = false) – Adds GraphController to scene and returns a reference to it

  • public static GraphController Get(string controllerName) – Returns the first GraphController with the given controllerName. Returns null if no registered GraphController has the given controllerName