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class in Doozy.Engine.UI.Input / Inherits from: MonoBehaviour


The BackButton class behaves both like a listener and a manager. It listens for any 'Back' button' related events and executes the 'Back' actions if they are enabled.
See Also: InputData

Static Properties

  • public static BackButton Instance – Returns a reference to the BackButton in the Scene. If one does not exist, it gets created.


  • public bool BackButtonDisabled – Returns TRUE if the ‘Back’ button is disabled

  • public bool CanExecuteBackButton – Returns TRUE if the duration since the last time the ‘Back’ button was executed is greater or equal to the the BACK_BUTTON_DETECTION_DISABLE_INTERVAL. This is needed and used not to allow for the ‘Back’ button execution to happen too fast (in a very short interval). This blocks the user from spamming the ‘Back’ button and triggering the detection of an infinite loop (a fail safe) in the node graph.

Public Variables

  • public InputData BackButtonInputData – ‘Back’ button input settings

  • public bool DebugMode – Enables relevant debug messages to be printed to the console

Public Methods

  • public void Execute() – Fires the ‘Back’ button event (if it can be executed and is enabled)

Static Methods

  • public static BackButton AddToScene(bool selectGameObjectAfterCreation = false) – Adds BackButton to scene and returns a reference to it

  • public static void Disable() – Disables the ‘Back’ button functionality

  • public static void Enable() – Enables the ‘Back’ button functionality

  • public static void EnableByForce() – Enables the ‘Back’ button functionality by resetting the additive bool to zero. backButtonDisableLevel = 0. Use this ONLY for special cases when something wrong happens and the back button is stuck in disabled mode

  • public static void Init() – Initializes the BackButton Instance